SlideMagic versus traditional software

You probably have been a regular user of other slide design software solutions (PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Presentations). SlideMagic is dramatically different from these programs. SlideMagic has significantly reduced the feature clutter: fewer functions makes you work faster and makes it easer to learn how to use the service. SlideMagic does not let you place objects anywhere, in any colour, and in any typeface. Choices are restricted, but this lack of freedom has a big pay off: beautiful designs can be created by novice designers.

To help you make the transition to the new design approach, SlideMagic ships with a large file full of slide templates that show you have you can visualise very common business concepts within the framework of the new design approach. And because SlideMagic is so easy and simple to use, these templates are also incredibly easy to customise and adapt to your specific situation.

  • Only one typeface, but a pretty one
  • No bullet points, but other easy ways to write out your messages
  • Just rectangular shapes, but beautifully aligned in a grid
  • One accent colour, but the app generates beautiful colour palettes to use
  • No pie charts, but beautifully designed bar and column charts that communicate the same message

The biggest contributor to good design is the placement and alignment of images, titles, and text blocks on a canvas, and there is no app that can do it easier than SlideMagic.




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